POD Off!

Ellie Taylor and, er, Ellie Taylor on “Snog Marry Avoid?”BBC3’s make-under show Snog Marry Avoid? returned for a fifth series this week, with Ellie Taylor (of Show Me The Funny fame) as its new presenter.

For those who don’t know, this rather sweet, public spirited reality show focuses on transforming “fakery obsessed” women and men into natural beauties, by stripping them of their tacky, garish or skimpy clothing and caked-on make-up, before restyling them with the help of a slightly bitchy computer named ‘POD’ (an acronym for “Personal Overhaul Device”). The show’s title relates to a “reality check” round, where random members of the public are polled as to whether they would rather “snog, marry or avoid” each participant, before and after their make-under… the featured women initially assume that everyone will find them super-snoggable with all their fakery, but most blokes claim they find the gaudiness either extremely off-putting or indicative of easily-exploitable sluttiness… whereas after the restyling, it’s all marriage proposals and rainbows.

The nice thing about the show is that the majority of the participants are cheery volunteers looking to make a positive change in their lives… for example, this week there was Kelly, a young woman who wanted to be taken more seriously by potential employers, and Bam Bo Tang, a club DJ who was looking to settle down and start a family, and didn’t want to look too freaky while hanging around the school gates with all the other parents. Generally speaking, I prefer “natural beauty” myself… although, obviously I make an exception for punky and gothy types, so I was glad that Bam didn’t ditch all of her crazy clothes in the long-run. She’s still got a professional image to maintain, after all!

As for Ellie… she didn’t really get to do a lot of “comedy”, as such, but I thought she made for a very personable presenter. It probably helped that the first stop on the show’s nation-wide tour was her home-turf of Essex, so she could make fun of the locals without seeming too snobby.

About Dee CrowSeer

A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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