Wollongong Girls

Gigi Edgley[Contains credit-card maxin’ SPOILERS!!!]

I’ve written before about my colossal crush on ‘Chiana’ from Farscape, but this week I got the opportunity to see Gigi Edgley in a more earthly form, as the star of a new Australian drama series, titled Tricky Business.

Edgley plays ‘Kate Christie’, a determined single-mother and “mercantile agent” who runs her family’s debt collection business, aided by her chirpy younger sister ‘Lily’ (Sophie Hensser), and generically handsome boyfriend, ‘Rick’ (Kip Gamblin). Other recurring characters include Kate’s shiny-happy daughter ‘Emma’ (Odessa Young), and a rather delectable debtor named ‘Minnesota Smith’ (Dena Kaplan) who flirts with the agency’s junior collector, ‘Chad’ (Lincoln Lewis). Fun fact: Kaplan previously appeared as one of Keitha’s evil-accented Aussie flatmates in The Flight of the Conchords. I watched her scene again, just to remind myself, and noticed that she seemed to have trouble keeping a straight face while riffing with Jemaine… which is perfectly understandable, and kinda sweet to boot.

Dena Kaplan as ‘Minnesota Smith’ in “Tricky Business”Overall, I enjoyed this first episode, and look forward to following the rest of the series. Edgley gives a great performance in the lead role, and Kate makes for a very strong, sympathetic protagonist. I particularly appreciated the scene where, faced with a straight choice between trailing her cheating boyfriend or pursuing a potentially profitable fugitive, she put her work first and sped off after the crook. I also liked the way the writers integrated the daughter’s homework video into the episode, providing some useful exposition on what Kate’s job actually involves, while also setting up a nice juxtaposition between how happy she and Rick were at the time of recording, and how estranged they are by the end of the episode. Frankly, I think all the stuff with Rick and the gangsters was rather silly, so I would have preferred it if they’d found a less extravagant way for him to betray Kate… and I really could have done without the colonoscopy subplot… and I had a little trouble telling her new bloke apart from her old one… but the cast have such good chemistry, and the whole thing zips along with such breezy charm, and Edgley looks so damn cute, that it’s easy to forgive these minor flaws!

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2 Responses to Wollongong Girls

  1. phantomxii says:

    It’s nice to see Gigi out of sci-fi costume. As for colonoscopy subplots, or main plots, or any other kind of plots—I could do without that, too! Although a colonoscopy might still be preferable to an encounter with a debt collector. Unless it’s Gigi.

    • deecrowseer says:

      With all the make-up and the crazy contact lenses, I hadn’t really noticed before what a cute smile she has! Not sure it’s cute enough to ease the pain of watching her repossess my furniture or whatnot… but pretty damn cute all the same.

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