Cannes-Did M-Rod

Michelle Rodriguez in Antibes, 5/2012Earlier this week, Michelle Rodriguez was snapped by the paps, while chilling in Cannes, wearing a skimpy bikini that left very little to the imagination… which naturally set me thinking about her naked body her hard-line stance regarding on-screen sexuality. To quote: “I’d rather die than have to take my clothes off on screen. I have got success the hard way and that means keeping my clothes on and not jumping from one sex scene to the next. I’m proud of that… I never want to play the vulnerable chick or the captured girlfriend with her clothes ripped off.”

Which is fair enough, I guess… although I’d argue that there are plenty of very talented, hard-working, award-winning actresses who have appeared nude in their films, and even stripped off for explicit (simulated) sex scenes, but still managed to maintain their dignity and professional reputations. Of course, most of the examples that spring most readily to my mind are either French or British, so maybe it’s more of a European thing?

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  1. gingersister says:

    As a general rule (not true across the board but mostly true) Hollywood sex is very different than European film sex. (A good case study would be to watch the Swedish and Hollywood versions of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and compare them) Not only is it much more gratuitous, less necessary for the story to progress, and more unreal, but it is also skewed very heavily in favor of what men want to see. ( Thus there are lots of boobs, naked women, scantily clad women, women on women action etc. And almost all is done for the titillation factor. I totally understand M-rod’s perspective and respect it greatly. Good for her.

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