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Kayvan Novak and Sofie Gråbøl, presenting @ The Bafta TV Awards (5/12)Once again, there seems to be a scandalous scarcity of Sofie Gråbøl photos coming out of this year’s BAFTA Awards… and while it was flattering to find that my blog was the top hit when I ran a Google Images search, it was also rather unhelpful. Still, I managed to track down a couple of (tiny) images… and also a short interview that Gråbøl gave to a Danish newspaper called Ekstra Bladet, shortly before attending the ceremony. Unfortunately the interview is in her native tongue, but I managed to  “interpret” a few sound bites, with the aid of an online translator:

“It’s so nice to be nominated again… it makes me proud. It was scary to do a second series, because there were so many expectations… so I’m particularly proud that we’ve been nominated again.”

“I don’t think The Killing will win this year… not two years in a row… but it does not matter…” She’s just happy to be nominated and be allowed to celebrate the success in London, with the team behind Borgen. “It’s amazing, we have two projects going over there. The Killing is my baby, of course, so obviously I will be happier if we win… but Sidse [Babett Knudsen] and I really like each other, and the episodes I’ve seen of her series are super amazing.”

Apparently she’s been recognised a few times in England, but can generally go about her business in peace. “Sarah Lund looks so distinctive. Last year there were no photographers who recognised me on the red carpet, because I had loose, blonde hair and was missing my sweater and ponytail!”*

Rather prophetically, she expressed some anxiety over her role as a presenter: “I am so afraid about falling in my long dress, not being able to open the envelope, or to speak English. I have some difficult English words to say… fortunately, I’ll be sharing the speech with a male comedian. I hope he has a strong arm!”


* Just as I suspected!

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