The Robinson Sisters

Morgana Robinson as ‘Amy Childs’ in “Very Important People”As ever, I’m loathe to link to the accursed Daily Mail website (boo!), but they do have a rather good (if slightly short and random) interview with Morgana Robinson up at the moment. Of primary interest to this blog, are her observations about women in comedy:

There aren’t that many female comedians around because it’s a pretty odd career choice for a woman. The biggest issue is making yourself look unattractive to get a laugh. I don’t have a problem with that – the more vile and grotesque I look, the funnier I think it is. But a lot of women just aren’t up for that, because we’re meant to be beautiful. You have to be tough in comedy, too, and that puts a lot of men off you. I definitely scare men. Women are still finding our way in comedy but that makes it incredibly exciting for me.

I learned to be funny at boarding school. I wasn’t pretty – I had frog eyes and a giraffe neck – but I was the joker and I knew how to get attention. I didn’t worry about not being the prettiest. I was also fairly tough – probably too tough and ballsy for the quieter girls.

Brody DalleShe also expands on her first encounter with her half-sister, punky singer Brody Dalle (born “Bree Robinson”), of The Distillers and Spinnerette fame:

My dad was incredibly handsome as a young man and pretty wild. He just wasn’t cut out to be a conventional father. As I grew up I found out I had four half siblings from his previous relationships and we’ve slowly tracked each other down. When I was 21, I got a call from my dad. I hadn’t spoken to him for a year or so but he told me he’d found out my sister was in London and told me to go and buy The Face because she was on the front cover. And there she was – Brody Dalle, this tough, gorgeous rock star. It was pretty surreal. I went to the Brixton Academy to see her perform. I got completely drunk because I thought that was the only way to handle it. I went backstage and we were both just crying. It was sort of weird and beautiful and then she said: ‘We have the same nose.’ And we just talked. She has two gorgeous kids but she lives in LA and I’ve never been there. I guess it was all a bit like a scene from a film.

I don’t know what’s in the Robinson blood that makes these women as cool as they are, but clearly we need to study it for the good of humanity!

Update (4/5/14): Today The Observer posted a little feature on the sisters, with each of them giving their side of the story… amusing to note that at first they were both a bit wary of the other’s outlandishness! Nice to know they’ve kept in touch since reuniting, anyway.

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