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Amara Karan as ‘Toni’ in “The Task”[Contains fame-seeking SPOILERS!]

I think The Task (2011) has a genuinely intriguing premise, and a talented cast, but it buries all that good under so many layers of bad, that the net result is a weary shrug. As the old saying goes, “Too many twists spoil the B-movie”.

The story begins with a bunch of cute young people* being “kidnapped” off the streets, to participate in a fear-based reality game show, requiring them to spend the night in a spooky old abandoned prison, while performing physical tasks allotted to them by a cackling clown character on a computer monitor (why a clown, rather than a character more relevant to the setting? Don’t ask me). It’s all quite creepy, and (superfluous clown aside) you could imagine it working quite well as a real TV show, but then the ghost of the prison’s sadistic, psychotic Warden shows up, and starts killing off crew members and contestants alike. Oh no! Except, he isn’t really a Ghost-Warden at all… he’s actually just a team of actors/stunt men working together in a pointlessly convoluted (and needlessly expensive) prank on the show’s producer. Phew! Except, it’s *then* revealed that not all of the “Wardens” are actors, and in fact the Ghost Warden really did kill a couple of people. Meh!

The worst crime this film commits, however, is that it totally wastes Amara Karan, who barely gets any lines at all as the group’s arrogant know-it-all, ‘Toni’… and why bother casting such a gorgeous actress in the first place, if she’s going to spend half her screen time with a heavy gas-mask over her face? Tch!


* Most of the main cast members are Brits, affecting American accents with varying degrees of success. It’s supposed to be set in the States, but was actually filmed in Bulgaria, according to IMDb.

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