He Had It Comin’

Lucy Liu as ‘Kitty Baxter’ in “Chicago”I remember being pretty unimpressed when I watched Chicago (2002) on TV a few years ago, but during a second viewing on DVD I found myself really enjoying it… maybe that’s because I had some whiskey and sugar in me this time around? Or maybe I’m just more attuned to Renée Zellweger’s acting style, so I can appreciate all her little frowns and smirks?

One of the factors that inspired me to add it to my “Dear Santa” list was Lucy Liu’s name in the credits… but she’s barely in the movie at all! I mean, she has a couple of strong scenes as a millionaire heiress convicted of killing her husband (and his two mistresses!), but she doesn’t sing or dance once, dammit.

Random observation: Sucker Punch owes a huuuge debt to this movie.

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