“Samosa? Yes, please, Samosa.”

Meera Simhan as ‘Anu’ in "New Girl" (ep. #2.16)This week’s episode of New Girl (#2.16) seemed particularly Desi-centric, with the gang following ‘CeCe’ to an Indian Wedding Conference (basically like a speed-dating event, with games and activities for eligible singles), and working through their own issues while surrounded by Asian extras.

Back when I first saw the pilot, I called Hannah Simone out as a strong supporting actress, and it’s been great to see her earn her own storylines over the course of the series. I still find it near-impossible to believe that this is her first real foray into comedy… I mean, Max Greenfield is a total scene-stealer as ‘Schmidt’, but she ably holds her own against him, and often steals those scenes right back again. As far as the day-players go, Meera Simhan appeared as ‘Anu’, the convention’s seemingly straight-laced hostess, with a secret randy streak (always nice to hear someone say “arse” on an American show)… and Upasana Beharee played ‘Priya’, the sweet, smiley gal who kept trying to flirt with Schmidt while he blanked her in favour of his ex. Bless her.

On a personal note, it was funny to see Schmidt bragging about learning conversational Hindi, when I was just debating doing the very same thing! And yes, I have idly wondered what I’d look like in a turban. Is that so wrong…?

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