The SS Silverman Hits A Walberg

Sarah Silverman on “The Graham Norton Show” (2/13)I don’t normally watch Graham Norton, but yesterday I read about Mark Wahlberg’s drunken shenanigans on the show, and had to check it out to see how Big S handled the situation. “With aplomb”, would be my assessment… although that’s not so surprising, given her profession. If anything, I think the heckling worked in her favour, because the way he kept randomly interrupting her heartfelt anecdotes really got the audience on her side, and it was great to see her scold and flirt the rambling actor into submission. She totally owned that sofa! At least Wahlberg seemed to be an enthusiastic authority on Wreck-It Ralph, the animated movie she was ostensibly there to promote… along with her book, The Bedwetter, of course. Poor Michael Fassbinder didn’t really get a word in edgeways though… I guess that’ll teach him to turn down a part in one of Wahlberg’s flicks!

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