Putting The “EE” In Squeee!

Juno Temple and Sarah Silverman at the Bafta Film Awards 2013I can’t afford to go to the cinema as often as I’d like these days, so I didn’t have much invested in the main awards at the BAFTAs last night. That said, I thought Paloma Faith got things off to a great start with her opening performance… and I’ve been a Tarantino fanboy since Reservoir Dogs, so it’s always nice to see QT pick up a shiny statuette for his screenplays… and Anne Hathaway gave quite a funny/sweet acceptance speech when she won “Best Supporting Actress”. I also found “Outsanding Contribution” winner Tessa Ross’s speech very inspiring, and dearly wish the Film4 elves would come visit my workshop and spin my hay (i.e., scripts) into gold (i.e., er, gold). But for me, the main event of the evening was the EE Rising Star award, as voted for by everyday proles like me and you… mostly because Juno Temple was one of the nominees, but also because Sarah Silverman was presenting (along with John C. Reilly). Imagine my excitement when Big S read out Juno’s name, thus bringing two of my fave actresses together on stage at the same time! Squeee! As expected, Juno’s speech was heartfelt, humble and utterly adorable… so congrats to her, and a metaphorical pat on the back to everyone who voted.

Juno Temple with her “EE Rising Star” Bafta award (2/13)I’d also watched the BBC News Channel’s earlier red carpet coverage… which was a rather soggy, rain-soaked affair. They interviewed Juno prior to the event, and I was amused to hear the presenter ask her what’s she’s working on next… because if she’d stood there listing all the upcoming films she has in the pipeline, she’d never have made it into the opera house for the actual ceremony! When Juno says she’s all about the work, you know she means it, because she never seems to stop bloody working! Bless her. The programme’s director had a rather distracting habit of cutting to images of random glammed-up celebs posing for photographers, while the presenters were talking about someone completely different, or even interviewing someone else… so there was also about two minutes of silent footage of Juno standing in the freezing cold, fixing on a smile and turning this way and that while the paps yelled at her, and fans screamed in the background. It all looked rather terrifying to me… but then, I doubt that beardy writers get the same sort of intimidating attention that attractive actors do.

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