Sex(y) Therapy

Noureen DeWulf as ‘Lacey’ and Selma Blair as ‘Dr. Kate Wales’ in “Anger Management” (ep 2.7)I admit Anger Management isn’t the funniest sitcom on the air… in fact it can be downright painful at times… but the cast does include some very talented and charming actresses, so I feel compelled to keep watching regardless. And this week’s episode (2.7) very nearly justified the show’s entire existence with a couple of dream sequences in which Noureen DeWulf’s character, ‘Lacey’, fantasised about hooking up with Selma Blair’s character, ‘Kate’. I know, I know… this sort of lipstick lesbianism is just a cheap, exploitative ploy to attract viewers by appealing to their baser instincts… but it totally works!

Noureen DeWulf as ‘Lacey’ and Selma Blair as ‘Dr. Kate Wales’ in “Anger Management” (ep 2.7)Apparently FX have pre-ordered a mind boggling run of NINETY new episodes of this show…  and while I’m glad that Blair and her cast-mates have a steady gig to keep the wolf from their doors for the next few years, I can’t help wishing Guillermo del Toro would hurry up and complete the Hellboy trilogy already. I wanna know how the story ends and I wanna see her set stuff on fire again, dammit! Aside from this show, I’ve only seen DeWulf in minor supporting roles in dreck like Pledge This!, so I’m curious to see how she’d acquit herself in a larger role, with a more sophisticated script. Any fool can see she’s insanely gorgeous, but is she funny too? At this point, I honestly couldn’t say.

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