Amara Karan at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival (2/13)I missed the announcement at the time, but earlier this month Amara Karan’s new film, Jadoo, had its “World Premiere Screening” at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival. Fancy.

Jadoo is set in Leicester, and tells the story of two estranged Indian brothers, ‘Raja’ and ‘Jagi’, who run rival restaurants, on opposite sides of the same road! A decade earlier they came to blows over the family cookbook, and ended up ripping it in half… with one brother taking the starters, and the other taking the main courses. Ever since then they’ve been trying to top each other, despite the fact they’re incapable of cooking the perfect meal without the complete set of recipes. Enter Raga’s daughter, ‘Shalini’ (Karan), who hopes to reunite them in time to cadge a fancy banquet for her upcoming wedding… but can the two brothers bury the hatchet, without chopping each other’s fingers off in the process? I guess we’ll just have to wait for the film’s UK release in March to find out…

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