A Swing And A Miss

Abigail Breslin as ‘Bo Hess’ in “Signs”[Contains cup-spilling SPOILERS]

I’m a pretty superstitious chap, and I like to believe that there is some sort of deeper significance behind certain synchronicities… but even so, I couldn’t help scoffing at the denouement of M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs (2002), which posits that the quirks and ailments exhibited by the main character’s children were in fact all part of a stealth strategy to thwart an alien home-invasion, designed and directed by The Hand of God Himself!!! Riiight…

I could just about swallow the way that his daughter’s habit of sniffily setting aside glasses of water (that she felt had been tainted by dust or old air), left a trail of potential booby-traps around their farm house, after it was revealed that the aliens were intensely aqua-averse, because the wet-stuff happens to burn their sensitive skin. Although it does seem rather odd that they’d choose to set down on a planet covered with so much water, and not think to wear any waterproof clothing (not even a pair of wellies!). Apparently the entire invasion could have simply been rained off, like a Wimbledon tennis match. Terrifying! But as I say, I could stretch my disbelief to cover all of that… and the uncle’s wacky baseball backstory (he had a habit of hitting the ball out of park, no matter what his coach told him to do, because he has a pathological need to hit balls really hard… or something)… but the idea that some higher power gave the son asthma, just so he could survive a very specific poison gas attack? That was the straw that broke my brain’s back, I’m afraid.

Abigail Breslin as ‘Bo Hess’ in “Signs”Ever since I saw The Happening, I’ve had trouble taking Shyamalan seriously… and in the “making of” featurette, he states outright that this was supposed to be a more humorous movie than some of his previous efforts… but again, I can’t quite tell which bits were supposed to be funny, and which were supposed to be sad…. because I always seemed to be laughing loudest when the characters on-screen were crying. I mean, that scene where Mel Gibson is angrily/tearfully ordering his children to eat their last meals… that was a joke, right? That *had* to be a joke…

Since most of the action was confined to their farm, and the majority of the family members were male, there weren’t many actresses in the cast for me to rave about here… just a disconcertingly tiny Abigail Breslin as ‘Bo’, youngest of the weirdly blessed Hess brood.

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  1. roberta4949 says:

    I do like the movie I am with you hard to take it seriously considering a wooden door can stop aliens who have not only the intelligence superior to man, but physical prowness to rival man too speed, ability to change colors like a chameleon, and yet a door stops them, they have no hand to hand combat weapons to blow a hole in a door, nor the tecnhology to navigate the earth without crop circles. but I didn’t think about the wet suit idea, now if I was a smart alien i surly would have a water proof suit. they have super weapons at their disposal but choose not to use them but to confront humans directly. and they can outrun the guy and are bigger and yet allows itself to get killed by a bat weilding guy who he surly can outrun quite easily I guess with this movie you have to use your imagination quite a bit. lol.

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