“They’re Dangerous But I Love Their Swagger.”

‘Tina Belcher’ in “Bob's Burgers” (# 2.8)[Contains erotic undead SPOILERS]

There hasn’t been much else to watch over lunch lately, so I’ve been powering through the second season of Bob’s Burgers… which I think was even funnier than the previous season, thanks (in part) to the additional musical numbers.

In theory the opening episode, “The Belchies” (#2.1), should be my favourite, because of its ‘Louise’-centric storyline, the return of ‘Andy’ and ‘Ollie’ (bless ‘em), and the closing theme by Cyndi Lauper… but I have to admit I found the ending quite frustrating. Obviously there’s no way the writers were going to let the family uncover and keep a massive haul of treasure, because that would totally destroy the premise of the show… and I know they’re just animated-line-drawings-with-voices and not real people… but the fact that the gold was under Louise’s nose the whole time, and she just tossed it aside… GAH!!! I guess the moral is “never leave a man behind, even if he is made of taffy”.

‘Tina Belcher’ in “Bob's Burgers” (# 2.8)So, on balance, my actual fave is “Bad Tina” (# 2.8)… partly because it spawned the video that got me hooked on this cartoon in the first place, but mostly because it shines a spotlight on the less extroverted, but equally hilarious Belcher sister. I love the fact that the writers have taken what could have been a throwaway gag about Tina’s “sexy” zombie dreams, and made them an integral part of her fantasy life. It adds a whole new, totally gross dimension to her “horny nerd girl” schtick. I also appreciate the way they’ve given the (living, breathing) object of her unrequited affection, ‘Jimmy Jr.’, a passion for expressing his feelings through dance… because it makes him seem far more attainable and relatable than if he’d simply been an arrogant jock or whatever. Plot-wise, it was great to see Louise and Gene band together to protect their sister from her laugh-farting frenemy ‘Tammy’ (voiced by Jenny Slate), even if their efforts were all for naught. Pesky.

Oh, and it was nice to hear Megan Mullally return to the show, both as the kid’s ‘Aunt Gayle’ (#2.6) and as ‘Tabitha Johansson’, a breathy chanteuse famous for her sexually suggestive song about an “oil spill” (#2.5).

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