Goth-PunkWatch: Sheena

JJ Stanness as ‘Sheena the Punk Rocker’ in “A Fantastic Fear of Everything”When the hero of A Fantastic Fear of Everything reluctantly enters a rundown laundrette, he finds himself getting the beady-eye from the joint’s regular customers… including a goth-y punk chick named ‘Sheena’, played by JJ Stanness. The characters is mostly there to intimidate and imprison him (after a wacky misunderstanding with a kitchen knife), while showing-off her awesome customised jacket… but she does get to show her softer side in a short deleted scene where she flirts with a police officer.

Aside from singing in a New Wave group called KarmaDeva (and her own solo musical projects), Stanness is also a long-time cohort of dark-comedy queen Julia Davis, racking up cameo appearances in Human Remains and Nighty Night (to which she contributed additional script material), as well as a recurring role in Hunderby as ‘Biddy Ritherfoot’.


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