Chloë: Cameo Queen

Chloë Sevigny as ‘Alexandra’ in “Portlandia”I’ve enjoyed Chloë Sevigny’s contributions to a lot of great films over the years (Trees Lounge and American Psycho being two personal faves), but now I’m a little scared that she’s started stalking me through my TV screen, by taking cameo roles in all my regular shows. First she played a nymphomaniac condemned to the eponymous asylum in season two of American Horror Story… then she popped up in Portlandia, as a whimsical temptress who toyed with Fred and Carrie’s affections over the course of the third season… and this week she made a surprise appearance in The Mindy Project (I don’t want to spoil it by revealing who she’s playing, but the cliff-hanger ending suggests that she’s going to be back for at least another episode after this one). Of course, she’s a very talented, charming and beautiful actress, and she certainly deserves the work… I’m just starting to feel like she’s crowding me a little, s’all. I need my space, dammit!

While I’m rambling about sitcom guest-stars, I should also mention how excited I was to see Rebecca Reid‘s return appearance as ‘Nadia’ in this week’s episode of New Girl… as I’ve said before, I have a weakness for women with Slavic accents (real or fake), and if they’re crazy-talking supermodels, then all the better! I was also very impressed by Merritt Wever’s work as Schmidt’s ex-girlfriend ‘Elizabeth’… she brought such heart-breaking sincerity to the role, I’d love to see her become a recurring character. She’s adorable!

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