Parlez Vous Farts?

Sarah Silverman en “Fête des Pets”The first YouTube video Sarah Silverman posted under the Jash umbrella was a short, one scene skit set in a clothing store, co-starring her sister Laura… but her latest release is a far more lavish and ambitious affair! Fête des Pets is a mock movie trailer, that plays as a pastiche of 60s “New Wave” cinema, complete with black-and-white photography and subtitled voice-over, en Français! Which is great for me, because I seem to get the same cultural buzz off faux-French cinema as I do from the real stuff… especially when the leading lady is as gorgeous and spirited as Mlle. Silverman. The scene where she looks straight into the camera and says “Je t’aime” could well be my cinematic highlight of the year!

Sarah Silverman et Chase Stewart en “Fête des Pets”The fact that her tempestuous, duplicitous love interest is played by a pre-pubescent boy can either be read as random wackiness, or a satire of the way that leading men in movies are often paired with much younger romantic partners. Either way, it’s funny to see a little kid pretending to shave and throwing a glass of scotch on the floor in frustration, dammit! In fact, I think the (NSFW) “Behind the Scenes” video might actually be funnier than the short itself, because you get to hear what Big S was saying to her tiny co-star, Chase Stewart, and how she directed him. Oh, and a shout-out to Brooklyn Silzer who plays the more age-appropriate “other woman” in this scenario… the face she makes when she first sees Stewart in the hotel lobby is straight-up adorable.

Now, any chance of this getting expanded to a full feature, a la Machete?


About Dee CrowSeer

A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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