Sherlock-U-Like: The Woman(s)

Natalie Dormer as ‘Irene Adler’ in “Elementary”[This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS!!! I mean, they’ve already been spoiled on several Wikipedia pages, but even so…]

Aside from the seasonal end of various sitcoms, this week also saw the epic feature-length finale of CBS’s sublime crime-procedural Elementary… which went out in a blaze of nail-biting, heart-breaking, bee-breeding awesomeness!

I could say I’d guessed the double-barrelled twist regarding Irene Adler’s true identity a long time ago, but that would be a bit of a fib. As soon as her name came up, and Sherlock identified her as his late, lamented One True Love, it was pretty obvious that the writers were planning to bring her back in some form or other… and there’s an irresistible irony in the idea that his long-lost Soulmate could also be his present-day Nemesis… so, I’d certainly toyed with it as a vague possibility, but I was never certain enough to risk any actual cash money on that outcome (assuming that high-street betting shops even took such geeky wagers).

Natalie Dormer as ‘Irene Adler’ in “Elementary”As it is, I thought the reveal was played with remarkable panache. At first the casting of an English actress as an American-woman-living-in-England seemed slightly ridiculous, and her accent did become a bit of a distraction… but then, of course, it’s revealed that the character was a native Englisher all along, and was simply playing a very long con, so it made far more sense in retrospect. During the first half of the story, I was concerned that “Moriarty” would remain an omniscient, omnipotent, elusive Evil, which would never take tangible, physical form… so, again, it was quite a cathartic relief when she not only dropped her felonious façade, but also stumbled into a trap set by the legendary crime-fighting duo of Holmes *and* Watson! I wouldn’t have minded if Sherlock had relapsed for real, and then carried that burden with him over into the next season… but then we would have been denied his miraculous hospital bed “recovery”, as he schooled his outfoxed adversary on the dangers of underestimating the inestimable Joan Watson. Sherlock’s pride in his companion’s accomplishment made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… and then the closing scene with them bonding over the bees was the icing on the cake of a truly fantastic first season. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO FRICKIN’ MUCH!!!

Oh, and a hearty pat on the back to Natalie Dormer, both for her sterling work here as ‘Irene Adler’/ ‘Moriarty’, and in Game of Thrones as ‘Margaery Tyrell’. The chances of her becoming Queen and enjoying a long, peaceful reign are pretty slim, I know… but for the moment at least, it’s fun to watch her slink her way through the political snake-pit of King’s Landing, while also taking time out to show compassion for poor, silly Sansa. Bless.

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