Slumber Party Of One

Sarah Silverman, enjoying her "Perfect Night"Sarah Silverman has gifted us with another (NSFW) nugget of comedy gold from the Jash/YouTube video mines… and this time it’s an auto-tuned, Aqua-esque dance number, detailing her “perfect night” of pleasure. No late-night clubbing for her, no sir… she prefers to stay in, order out, and dial up some internet porn on her iPhone!

Despite a guest appearance by the increasingly ubiquitous, I thought this was a very funny song… and the accompanying video could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the musical intervals in Jesus Is Magic (which I still rate as the zenith of Comedy as an art form… because I’m peculiar like that).

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  1. phantomxii says:

    Oh, my…very funny video! Nicely produced too!

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