Selma Blair as ‘Dr. Kate Wales’ in “Anger Management” (S01)Normally I wouldn’t take any pleasure in seeing one of my fave actresses getting fired from a cushy sitcom gig… but I couldn’t help feeling relieved when I read the news that Selma Blair has been released from the soul-sapping talent-trap that is Anger Management.

Thankfully, Blair herself seems to have taken it pretty well too, with one source claiming that she “really had no problem leaving after Charlie [Sheen] flew off the handle, and seems to be at peace to be off the show.” Although she’s appeared in a number of really, really great films over the years, Blair hasn’t managed to find a regular TV project of equivalent quality yet… but hopefully she can now move on to something more worthy of her talents… or maybe spend her free-time campaigning to finally get a full DVD release for Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane?

Note: I stopped watching AM after the episode where Lindsay Lohan cameo’d as herself. It was just so painful and depressing, I couldn’t bring myself to finish the episode, or watch another one after that. Sigh…


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