You Can Look, But Don’t Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch…

Patricia Quinn as ‘Magenta’ and Nell Campbell as ‘Columbia’ in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”For all its flaws, The Rocky Horror Picture Show remains one of my Top Five Fave Films… while its sorta-sequel Shock Treatment produced a great soundtrack album, even if it didn’t really hang together as a movie… and “Little” Nell Campbell’s singing voice still enthrals me, every time I hear it tearing through the speakers. I mention all this, dear reader, so you can appreciate the envy I felt when I read that Campbell and her RHPS/ST co-star Patricia Quinn would be making not one, but two personal appearances at fan events in Melbourne, Australia, next month… literally half a world away from me!

First up is a special showing of the film itself, with an “introduction” by Campbell and Quinn, at the historic Astor Theatre in St. Kilda. Tickets are selling for $23, which is roughly £14… although there’s no mention on the official website of whether the ladies will be hanging around afterwards to talk to audience members or sign autographs. Patricia Quinn as ‘Magenta’ and Nell Campbell as ‘Columbia’ in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”The very next day, Campbell and Quinn will hot-foot it over to the Australian Comic-Con at the Royal Exhibition Building, where they’ll be offering autographs at $30 (£18), individual photographs with either actress at $40 (£24), and a (photographic) threesome with both actresses for $100 (£61)… which is a total bargain, until you factor in the plane fare for me! Still, with any luck, Campbell will use this occasion to announce that she’s just discovered a lost treasure-trove of master tapes for several albums’ worth of songs she recorded back in the day, which she can then release for me to buy and play to death. Hurrah!

In the meanwhile, my grudging good wishes to all the lucky Aussies* attending either of these events, and much love (and adolescent lust) to the wonderfully talented women who brought ‘Columbia’ and ‘Magenta’ to life, all those years ago…


* “You’re lucky, he’s lucky, I’m lucky, we’re all lucky! Mwah ha ha ha!”

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