The Power Hour

Tracey Emin for “Woman's Hour - How To Be A Powerful Woman”A venerable BBC Radio show called Woman’s Hour decided to mark the release of its “Power List” by pointing a video camera at fifteen of its “Powerlisters” – including Tracey Emin (CBE!) – and asking them to share their experiences, advice and philosophy for a successful working life. The resulting shorts are available to view on the show’s own website, and on its YouTube channel.

Despite the definitive-sounding title, “How To Be A Powerful Woman”, some of the testimony given by the various interviewees can be quite contradictory (Don’t have kids… unless you want to, in which case, do!), so I’m not sure how helpful it will be to young girls seeking direction… and I feel a knee-jerk snobbery against any list that would place Emin so close to Victoria Beckham (even if it is in alphabetical order!)… but I enjoyed watching these clips all the same.


About Dee CrowSeer

A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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4 Responses to The Power Hour

  1. Loren Riley says:

    But I kind of agree with that contradictory statement – even though it’s not definitive. There’s really no ‘right way’ for 50% of the planet. If you want to have kids, you should have them. If you don’t, you should not. I mean, yeah it sounds really ambiguous, but that’s kind of the way life is. Some things work for some women but nothing works for every woman, unless it’s so general that it can’t be considered advice (like, ‘you should probably breathe a lot’).

    I think there’s WAY too much sweating it out about what you ‘should do’ for a lot of women out there, and that’s too bad. I don’t know if the same is true for men, but people just gotta do what they like and if other people don’t like it, well, they’re gonna be dead in 50-80 years anyway, and then their opinion won’t even matter anymore. I think maybe young girls are a bit over-directed personally. But that’s just me.

    • deecrowseer says:

      Well, we all get pressure (from various, often conflicting sides) to act a certain way, regardless of gender… but I’ve never been a big fan of being told what to do, if the order/expectation doesn’t make sense to me.

      Nevertheless, in my naïve little way, I do sometimes wish there were just one, easy-to-read book I could pick up that would tell me how to “win” at life. There are plenty of books that *claim* to do that, of course, but sadly it usually comes down to “change your entire brain for a new one”… which is a lot easier said than done!

      • Loren Riley says:

        You’re right. I feel like a lot of that pressure is misplaced because people (hopefully) are just going to do what they want. I mean, you shouldn’t live your life for someone else. I also think those competing pressures are really hard not to assign values to. For example, I used to think ‘girly’ women were just inherently dumber and less fulfilled than girls that clearly played with dinosaurs as children. It took me a long time not to be so hatey about it.

        I wonder if electroshock therapy would work for swapping in for a new brain – I mean, it does scramble you pretty well right? Oh I am SO writing a self-help book…

        • deecrowseer says:

          > ” I used to think ‘girly’ women were just inherently dumber and less fulfilled…”
          I was the same way with sporty, handsome men! But I guess as we get older we realise that things aren’t as cut and dry as all that… and when I forget, Jon Hamm pops up to remind me, being all funny and smart and cool and looking like a cartoon pilot. Damn him!

          > “Oh I am SO writing a self-help book…”
          With a foreword by Nurse Ratched?

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