JLA News Flash!

Joey Lauren Adams as ‘Alyssa Jones’ in “Chasing Amy”Apparently Joey Lauren Adams will be appearing at Fandomfest Comic and Toy Expo (Louisville KY, USA), next weekend (26th-28th July)… although this was only announced a couple of days ago, and the website doesn’t say how long she’ll be there, or what she’ll be doing! Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Michael Rooker and Brian O’Halloran will also be popping in to the convention at various times… which would have meant a pretty good haul of autographs for my Mallrats script-book, if I wasn’t stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic right now! Also, Gillian Anderson will be posing with the great unwashed for official photo ops, so once again my envy goes out to everyone attending… have fun, damn you!

Oh, while Googling I also found an adorable video on the Funny or Die site, with JLA reminiscing about some of her previous films (the good, the bad, and the ugly). It’s just a quick little thang, but very entertaining all the same.

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