Behind The Battle

Joey King and Michelle Rodriguez behind-the-scenes of “Battle: Los Angeles”I watched Battle: Los Angeles (2011) last October, and enjoyed it in a mindless time-filler sort of way, but haven’t thought much about it since… at least until this morning, when I found this adorable photograph posted on Michelle Rodriguez’s Facebook wall, showing her posing with co-star Joey King during a break from filming.

According to some vague notes I made in my journal at the time: “M-Rod didn’t show up until a good way in, and she didn’t get much to do once she was on-screen… but she did elicit a few intentional chuckles, so bless her for that.” Apparently I didn’t notice King, even though (as far as I can tell) her character manages to survive the shaky-cam slaughter and live to see another rubble-strewn day. As an underage civvy, it’s unlikely they’d bring her back for a sequel… unless the army gets so desperate and depleted  they draft her anyway? That could be kinda cool actually, because she looks pretty bad-ass here!

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