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[Contains motorcade-cruisin’ SPOILERS!] Last Saturday, BBC2 were showing In the Loop (2009), so I thought it might be fun to watch it again, to see how it compared to writer/director Armando Iannucci’s subsequent HBO sitcom Veep. In truth, aside from … Continue reading

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J’aime Assez

[Contains parallel-parking SPOILERS!] Most anthology films can be pretty hit-and-miss affairs… but at least when you watch Paris, Je t’aime (2006), you can be sure that even the sucky segments will show you some interesting scenery! Apparently all the shorts, … Continue reading

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The Power Hour

A venerable BBC Radio show called Woman’s Hour decided to mark the release of its “Power List” by pointing a video camera at fifteen of its “Powerlisters” – including Tracey Emin (CBE!) – and asking them to share their experiences, … Continue reading

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Yawn Fidget Skip

As a budding Indophile, spiritual seeker, hopeless romantic, and devoted viewer of two Ryan Murphy shows, I thought I’d have a whale of a time watching Eat Pray Love (2010)… but I barely had a minnow! The movie sets its … Continue reading

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BritArt’s Golden Girl

Just a quick post to mark the 50th birthday of Tracey Emin… no longer a “Young British Artist”, but still a force to be reckoned with, bless her!

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[Contains muffin-stump dumping SPOILERS!!!] Watching Season Eight of Seinfeld so soon after Season Five was a slightly jarring experience… and not just because of where the characters’ lives were at, relative to where they were when I last saw them. S8 was the first … Continue reading

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