Я Могу Петь Радуги

Tilda Swinton flying the rainbow flag outside the Kremlin, Moscow. (7/13)I’m rather behind the curve with this story, but today I discovered a photo of Tilda Swinton flying a rainbow flag outside the Kremlin (and risking 15 days detention in jail), in honour of the LGBT community in Russia, and former Soviet republics… while also drawing attention to the oppressive laws used to persecute said community.

Personally, I believe that Russian is an incredibly beautiful language, and I’d love to be able to speak it myself… but (try as I might), I find it very hard to see the country as the sort of fun, happy place I’d ever actually want to visit, and that does diminish my motivation somewhat.

I have a lot of sympathy for the historical suffering of the Russian people, and I’m tired of seeing them depicted as treacherous villains in English and American films… so I can’t help wishing that Putin and his pals would mellow out and stop playing the villains in real life!

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3 Responses to Я Могу Петь Радуги

  1. Loren Riley says:

    Agreed. Putin just needs to get with the program. Also, may I suggest that you look up my favorite band of all time (even though this is going to give me away as being ridiculous because no one takes me seriously after I publicly heart on this band…) Via Gra? Also known in the English speaking world as Nu Virgos. Then decide if maybe you would like to go to that place.
    Some of my favorites are:

    День без тебя


    and Анти Гейша

  2. Loren Riley says:

    Sorry. I didn’t think the videos would just come up. FYI, they are extremely ridiculous. But I really like the music. Because foreign pop is awesome…

    • deecrowseer says:

      You never have to apologise for posting videos of pretty ladies on this blog… and their take on Sunshine is a lot sexier than the original! Also, as a fan of T.a.t.u., I’m really not in any position to judge other people’s taste in foreign pop music.

      Oh, and thanks for all the “Likes”! :)

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