Inmates & Lifemates

[Contains a human-size gerbil-wheel and SPOILERS!!!]

Anna Camp as ‘Sarah Newlin’ in “True Blood” (S6)Sunday also saw the season six finale of True Blood, which somehow managed to spoil all of the good work that had come before it, with an ill-conceived, mid-episode time-jump. Gah! This cheat was especially galling after the underwhelming and anticlimactic faux-down with one of this season’s supposed “Big Bads”, the super-powerful faerie-vampire ‘Warlow’… who got staked in a Sookie’s upstairs bathroom, after a short chase across town. Meh. Apparently the whole set-up about Sookie using her remaining faerie light to detonate a vampire-killing “holy hand grenade” was all for nought… unless the writers are saving that for next season, now that there are packs of zombie-vampires stalking the town? Gah, again! I really don’t need a cliff-hanger like that to bring me back for more… what I need is faith that the writers are going to finish their stories properly, before starting new ones!

Anna Camp as ‘Sarah Newlin’ in “True Blood” (S6) Sigh… that aside, I thought this season was probably the strongest so far, thanks to  Governor Burrell’s secret scheme to exterminate the vampire race, while his subterranean scientists perform a series of icky tests on them. Boo! Or “Yay!”, depending on where you stand on the whole “vampires are evil” issue. Aside from the creepiness of the internment camp itself, and the fun of watching ‘Eric’ escape and then re-infiltrate it, the awesomeness of this plotline was significantly boosted by the return of super-sexy anti-vamp-evangelist ‘Sarah Newlin’! Watching her go from seducing ‘Jason’ (with the chat-up line “I truly believe God wants me to f*ck you!”) to killing a nosy TruBlood rep with her own (highly unsuitable) shoes, I couldn’t help lamenting all those weeks Anna Camp wasted playing a fifth-wheel on The Mindy Project… and I’m so glad Sarah lived to see another dawn. Hopefully she’ll be back next season, with more insidious plans… and even bigger hair!

Deborah Ann Woll as ‘Jessica Hamby’ in “True Blood” (S6)On the vampire side of things, Deborah Ann Woll once again proved herself to be one of the show’s MVPs, promising to keep her newly-divine maker in check, then accidentally draining a whole gaggle of nubile faerie gals while he wasn’t looking. Oopsie! ‘Jessica’s’ self-recrimination and penitence was pretty heart-breaking, even after her compulsory meet-cute with a chivalrous, non-rapey vampire hunk. Are they still dating in the “six months’ later” present? Who knows? There was a disappointing lack of interaction (romantic or otherwise) between ‘Pam’ and ‘Tara’ this season… Kristin Bauer van Straten got a few decent scenes in the therapist’s office, but I still say it’s a crying shame that Rutina Wesley doesn’t get more action scenes on this show (or any other show, for that matter). She’s an incredibly fit and attractive actress, but all they have her do here is stand around bitching at people, or looking sad. Did I dream that whole subplot about her becoming a cage-fighter? Apparently so. I assume she’s been infected with Hep-V now, because she was dumb enough to drink from her mother (the same woman who’s always actively and vocally despised her, and poisoned her life in so many other ways), without asking to her see her blood test results first. SO STUPID!!! GAH!!!

For some reason, this season also saw the introduction of two new vampire chicks (one a newbie, one an old-timer) who both looked almost identical to Eric’s “sister” ‘Nora’ (who I’d been wanting dead since halfway through the previous season… but still found myself shedding a tear during her death scene, thanks to Alexander Skarsgård’s acting skills). Amelia Rose Blaire was very sweet and winning as ‘Willa Burrell’, the erstwhile governor’s dutiful daughter, who was turned by Eric as a sort of vampire-Trojan-Horse-of-love… and Karolina Wydra was quite good fun as ‘Violet Mazurski’, the vamp-prison’s alpha-bitch, who claimed Jason as her own. Some may argue that the way she’s treating the poor Stockholm-ing schmuck is unconscionable… Jurnee Smollett-Bell as ‘Nicole Wright’ in “True Blood” (S6)but I can’t help envying him a little, and wondering what it would be like to have a pretty lady-vamp “protecting” me too…

As for the shape-shifters’ storylines, well… I liked the idea behind Jurnee Smollett-Bell’s character, ‘Nicole Wright’, an idealistic do-gooder trying to build bridges between humans and shifters… but when she got dragged in to all that werewolf “pack master” crapola, I lost interest fast. It just seems as if someone randomly flipped the “evil a-hole” switch on ‘Alcide’s’ back, and then switched it back again just as randomly a few episodes later. Now he’s dating Sookie??? WTF!?!?!?

Oh, and RIP ‘Terry Bellefleur’… he was always one of my favourite characters on the show, but the writers clearly didn’t know what to do with him, and his funeral was very sweet, so I guess it’s for the best?

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3 Responses to Inmates & Lifemates

  1. Smash says:

    The one thing I’m really pleased with from this season is that they’ve put Bill back to rights. He’s no longer some super scary and overzealous “God”. That was just too much for me.
    But I wanted to scream when I saw how easily the Warlow conflict was dealt with and then the subsequent six months later schtick. The one thing that really drove me mad though, was that Sookie is magically dating Alcide. I would argue that a lot of fans have been wanting those two to hook up for a long time, so to miss out on all the fun of them finally getting together… I felt robbed a little.
    And Sarah Newlin’s hair was comically huge this season! Great post as always :)

    • deecrowseer says:

      Bless you! :)

      It really would have made more sense to devote the second half of the episode to a big battle with Warlow, and have Sookie and Alcide fighting together and growing closer as a result. Then again, I guess if enough people (critics and civilians) complain about this finale, then the writers might consider back-tracking a bit in the next season? “Three months before it was ‘six months later’…”

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