White Out

Amanda Hale as ‘Lady Margaret Beaufort’ in "The White Queen"Apparently the BBC took my harsh assessment of The White Queen to heart, and have now gone to the rather extreme measure of “axing” the show! Technically it was never meant to continue as an ongoing series, but if it had been a roaring success there were was always the option of adapting Philippa Gregory’s follow-up novel The White Princess, which focusses on the eponymous, incestuous daughter (who, as far as I could see, was just her mother redux, so… meh).

While I can’t say I’m sorry to see the show end, this “cancellation” does mean that I’ll be denied my weekly fix of Amanda Hale’s twitchy charms, and that makes me a sad panda. Maybe now she can follow her fellow TWQ survivor Dean-Charles Chapman into Game of Thrones, and add to that show’s already ample awesomeness…? [crosses fingers]

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