The FBI’s Most Unwanted 10: Drawing It Out

When I impulsively picked up that first X-Files boxset, I had no idea that these blog posts would (kinda) coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first TV episode airing in the States (Sept 10th, 1993), and also the launch of a canonical comic book, which seeks to continue the story of everyone’s favourite alien-chasing FBI agents.

‘Dana Scully, M.D’ as drawn by Michael Walsh for “The X-Files: Season Ten” (IDW Publishing)Cunningly titled The X-Files: Season Ten, the series is published by IDW Publishing, with scripts by Joe Harris and artwork by Michael Walsh, under the supervision of “executive producer” Chris Carter. Hilariously a Wired article on the project claims that Carter’s role is to “keep the new stories in line with existing and on-going canon”, as if there was ever any real continuity between individual episodes of the show, or the spin-off movies! How can he keep these guys in line, when he can’t even keep himself in line? Gah!

Anyhoo, I checked out the first issue, and quite enjoyed it… although some of the jokes are rather painful, and our heroes are now living together under a false surname, but still using their real (and highly distinctive) first names, which doesn’t really make any sense in itself, or in relation to what we saw in IWtB either. They didn’t bother changing their names when they thought everyone in the FBI was trying to kill them, and only decided to change them after all was supposedly “forgiven”? Riiiight. The plot concerns some creepy cult trying to track them down, for reasons which have yet to be explained… but this is only the first part of a five-part story arc, and roughly equivalent to half a single TV episode, so you can’t expect them to give all their secrets away this early on.

‘Dana Scully, M.D’ as drawn by Michael Walsh for “The X-Files: Season Ten” (IDW Publishing)I like the artwork well enough… the actors are recognisable, but not in a stiff, photo-realistic sort of way… and I think this might be a better medium for tackling a large scale alien invasion, without having to worry about budgetary restrictions (assuming they ever stop dicking around, and get to the alien invasion already!). Reading the plot summaries of future issues, it also seems as if a couple of supposedly deceased characters are going to be revived for this series, so that could be fun. On the other hand, the price of a single issue is equivalent to the average amount of money I spent on each season of the TV show, so it’s hard to reconcile my curiosity with my miserliness.

If I had access to a PlayStation 2, I’d love to give the spin-off game Resist Or Serve a crack… but I don’t, so… I guess this is where I say adios to Dana Scully, medical doctor. Sniffle.

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