Jadoo Chile

Amara Karan as ‘Shalini’ in “Jadoo”This coming Tuesday, Amara Karan’s new film Jadoo will premiere in the magical, movie-making metropolis that is the city of Leicester (where its story of feuding, foodie families is set), before rolling out across the nation on the 6th of September.

Well, I say “the nation”, but I’m not sure if there’ll be any screenings near me, down here in the deep south of England. [Impotent rant: It pisses me off that all of the cinemas around here waste their screens showing operas and ballets and plays, rather than indie and foreign films. I’m sure it’s a great service for those who are interested, but I DESPISE opera, so I can’t help grinding my teeth when I see them listed on the cinemas’ websites, while all of the obscure films I was hoping to see are overlooked. DAMMIT!!!].

About Dee CrowSeer

A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action.
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