Nina Wadia (with son Aidan) on “Big Star's Little Star”Wednesday night saw the debut of a brand-new prime-time game show called Big Star’s Little Star, in which three celebrity contestants and their children answer questions about each other, in the hopes of winning up to £15,000 for a charity of their choice. Well, I say “brand-new”, but it’s basically just a variation on Mr & Mrs with kids in place of partners, and that show’s been running for aaages!

It’s not the sort of thing I’d usually bother with, but one of the contestants on the first episode was Nina Wadia, and I thought it might be fun to see her off-duty and on the back foot, as her young son revealed mildly embarrassing (but family-friendly) secrets about her. Her competitors were Will Mellor (of Two Pints fame) and the pop-singer Jamelia, who tends to be quite funny on shows like this… so they had a pretty good line-up, guest-wise. Overall it was a bit too fluffy for my liking, but the ladies looked gorgeous, and Mellor seems like a decent enough fella, and the kids were all suitably cheeky with their outbursts.

Nina Wadia (with son Aidan), Will Mellor (with daughter Renee), and Jamelia (with daughter Tiani) on “Big Star's Little Star”One thing I really like about the prize system is that even the runners-up go home with £1,000 for their charities, while the winner (Mellor, in this case) gets a guaranteed £5,000 chunk of the prize money, plus whatever they can accumulate in the final (fairly easy) round. I get so sick of these celeb specials where they can go through the whole game, then mess up at the end and be sent off without a penny, while the programme-makers sit back and count their advertising revenue, and flip a two-fingered salute at the charity! Boo to that.

Note: As a fan of affirmative action, it was heartening to see that two of the three contestants were women-of-colour, and all three children were of-colour too!

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