This Is How I.T. Ends

Katherine Parkinson as ‘Jen Barber’ in “The IT Crowd” (S5)I liked the first three series of The IT Crowd enough to buy them on DVD, and have watched them several times since… but, for reasons I can’t really recall right now, I found the fourth series pretty disappointing, and still haven’t gotten around to revisiting it. Nevertheless, I was excited when I learned that the show would be returning for a special, one-hour reunion/farewell episode this week. Thankfully the show was just as funny as I remember it back in the day, and it was good to see “the gang” get back together for one last job. A lot of the jokes in Jen’s flirty-barista-based sub-plot were fairly visual in nature, so Katherine Parkinson didn’t get any opportunities to use her angry growly voice, or mispronounce the word “COMP-uter”, which is a shame… but there was a call-back to her naiveté concerning The Internet, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Katherine Parkinson as ‘Jen Barber’ in “The IT Crowd” (S5)On the down side, I was sent into a roiling nerd-rage by a joke about my beloved Game of Thrones. Basically, Roy was caught on camera-phone insulting a tiny barista, and gets labelled a “Small Person Racist” by the media… to which he responds: “Small people are NOT a race, this is not Game of Thrones!. Now, anyone who’s actually watched the highly-rated, critically-acclaimed HBO show can tell you that Dwarves aren’t a separate race in GoT either… they’re a rare human anomaly, just like in our own world. I’m sure the joke still works for people who’ve never seen GoT, and are content to lump all Fantasy franchises together… but if they’d gone with Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons or Narnia, then the joke would have worked for everyone, dammit! [Sorry if this gripe seems a little “artistic”… but he who lives by the geeks, dies by the geeks].

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