Hurshe Kisses II: The Recasting

Amy Sedaris as ‘Hurshe Heartshe’ (mk. II) in “The Heart, She Holler”Although Adult Swim decided to blast through the second season of The Heart, She Holler at breakneck speed, airing an episode every night for two weeks straight, I chose to pace myself, so I’ve only just gotten around to watching the finale.

The season began rather cunningly with ‘Hurlan’ (Patton Oswalt) wandering back into the cave he originally emerged from, hoping to find solitude in the darkness, only to wind up stumbling into another reality, exactly like the one he’d just fled! Aside from being a smart, sadistic joke in itself, this also allowed the writers to reset the show’s continuity (!), thus excusing the fact that his sister ‘Hurshe’ looked and acted so differently this time around.

Amy Sedaris as ‘Hurshe Heartshe’ (mk. II) in “The Heart, She Holler”I’m on record as an avid Kristen Schaal fan, but I really like what Amy Sedaris did with this re-imagining of the character. The scaled-up make-up job, combined with various tics and twitches, made her seem far more repellent than Schaal ever did… though sadly, she’s also far less diabolical in this incarnation.

Meanwhile, Heather Lawless continued to ace her Carrie-channelling performance as the dangerously devout ‘Hambrosia’, and even got to play a blissed-out hippie version of her character, when her brain went walkabout. Harsh, but funny all the same.

Overall, I thought this second season was just as curious, hilarious, and nauseous as the first, and I really hope that these mini-episodes are all collected and released on a cursed, soul-trapping video cassette someday… or a shiny DVD, if that’s more convenient…

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