A Toast Sandwich

Morgana Robinson as ‘Jemima Gina’ and Emma Fryer as ‘Susan Random’ in “Toast of London”This week’s episode of Matt Berry’s new sitcom Toast of London* found the eponymous actor courting not one, but two crazy ladies, played by the very talented (and intense) duo of Emma Fryer and Morgana Robinson.

They were both looking pretty glam, and got a lot of fun scenes to play, with plenty of bizarre business and disturbing dialogue… some of which was even quoted in my newspaper’s TV guide as their “joke of the day”! Aside from their individual contributions, it was great to see Fryer and Robinson sharing a scene together, and bonding over their mutual quirks… though sadly it doesn’t look as if they’ll be returning as regular characters. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and chuck a shopping trolley in a canal to cheer myself up (or maybe write some slashy fan-fiction?)


* Technically the second, though most listings seem to have forgotten the pilot episode that aired many moons ago.

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