Mind The Schaal

Kristen Schaal hosting “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” (ep. s27e05)I gave comedy-music-quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks the cold shoulder a few years ago, but every now and again I’m lured back by an intriguing contestant or guest-host… such as this week’s emcee, the inestimable Kristen Schaal, who performed the minor miracle of making me enjoy the show for the first time in aaages! Well, not the show itself, as such… I didn’t even recognise three of the four “celebrity” contestants, and the rounds they played were all pretty lame… but Schaal’s off-kilter delivery and high-energy yay-ing and yelling managed to fill the Bob’s Burgers-shaped hole in my heart for a little while, so I’m grateful for that at least.

Some kind souls have posted the episode (s27e05) on YouTube, and I’d highly recommend that Schaal-fans track it down, because it’s a pretty good showcase for her presenting skills… it’s also heartening to hear the studio audience cheering and laughing along with her so enthusiastically.

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2 Responses to Mind The Schaal

  1. Smash says:

    Schaal is just wonderful. I think her everything about her is infectious. Her fun-loving attitude, her quirky wit, her delightful laugh. She would make an excellent host. I actually think she’d be well-suited to doing Weekend Update for SNL.

    • deecrowseer says:

      I’m not sure how many American TV-producers are likely to see this show, but it really was a great audition for a regular hosting gig. I already knew she was a fantastic actress, voice-over artist, and stand-up, but now she has another potential string to her bow! Bless her.

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