Kristen-Mas 2013!

Kristen Schaal à la “The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year” (2013)The past few days have yielded several yuletide treats for Kristen Schaal fans here in the UK… on Christmas Day she had a vocal cameo in Toy Story 3 (2010), which premiered on BBC1 just after The Queen’s Speech, and then on Boxing Day she appeared as a contestant on Ch4’s Big Fat Quiz Of The Year!

I hadn’t seen Toy Story 3 before, though I’d read the rave reviews when it first came out, and knew that it had picked up several shiny awards since then (including a BAFTA and an Oscar for Best Animated Feature!)… so I’m happy to report that it more than lives up to its reputation. Normally I’d be nodding off around that point in the afternoon, after a heavy lunch and a little booze, but I got so caught up in the story of Woody and his plastic pals’ peril that I couldn’t tear my weepy eyes from the screen. Darn thing had me by the heart-strings! Schaal played a toy Triceratops named ‘Trixie’, who belonged to an adorable improv troupe that Woody encountered while trying to escape from the dastardly Sunnyside Daycare, and find his way back to his beloved owner Andy. Aside from an encore appearance during the end credits, Trixie has also returned for several subsequent shorts, so yay for that!

Kristen Schaal à la “The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year” (2013)As the token American on Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, Schaal was obviously at a bit of a disadvantage, considering that the majority of the questions related to provincial news and pop culture… and it was actually a little painful to hear her begin to ask a question or make a comment, before being drowned out by the more aggressive, indigenous males… but she seemed to be having a good time, and she did manage to land several big laughs before eventually sharing the trophy as one of the two tied “winning” teams, so hopefully she felt it was worth the flight over? She also looked pretty glam, which is always a happy bonus…

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