Angel Beats Barbie

Jakks Pacific “G.I.R.L. Force” Doll of ‘Alex’ from “Charlie’s Angels”During a random Google search, I stumbled upon an eBay listing for a toy I didn’t even know existed… a Jakks Pacific “G.I.R.L. Force” Doll of ‘Alex’ from Charlie’s Angels! According to the blurb the doll features “Attitude Striking Neck, Beauty Posing Arms, Cute and Curvy Back, Knock Out Knees, Fab Abs, and Rockin’ Wrists!” So, that’s good to know. I also think the face is a pretty good likeness for Lucy Liu… for a cartoon-y fashion doll, I mean.

Apparently these things have been around since the first movie was released, back in 2000… but sadly this discovery came too late for me to add one to my Xmas letter to Santa. Maybe next year…?

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