Punch Up

Lucy Punch as ‘Amy Squirrel’ in “Bad Teacher”As far as comedies about irresponsible educators go, Bad Teacher (2011) doesn’t even come close to the gold standard set by such classics as Summer School (1987) and School of Rock (2003). The jokes aren’t funny, the (anti)heroine’s redemption is half-hearted at best, and her happy(ish) ending is apathetically earned.

That said, I watched the wretched thing all the way through to the end, for one reason and one reason only: Lucy Punch! Not only does she put in a typically hilarious turn as an adorably over-enthusiastic teacher named ‘Amy Squirrel’, I was absolutely stunned by how fantastic she looked with ginger hair. I know, I shouldn’t be so surprised… after all, she’s an incredibly beautiful woman, and ginger is one of my Top Five Fave hair colours… but it was a real “bombshell” moment the first time she appeared on-screen, and I just couldn’t look away after that. Sigh…

Fun fact: Apparently a TV spin-off is in the works, starring Ari Graynor in the lead… which I’ll feel compelled to watch, regardless of how much I dislike the movie it’s spun-off of. Dammit.

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