Good Will Ganache II

Jane Horrocks on “The Great Sport Relief Bake Off” (2014)This week saw BBC2 serving up a fresh batch of The Great Sport Relief Bake Off, over four consecutive nights, with a different presenter hosting each episode. Personally, I think the show works best with Mel & Sue playing hostess, but their substitutes (including former contestant and avowed cake-lover Jo Brand) were all amusing enough and respectful of the format, so I’ll forgive their not-being-Mel-&-Sue-ness, in the name of charity.

There were plenty of funny women taking part again this year, including Doon Mackichan and Jane Horrocks… whose baking was a bit boring and basic (“I don’t like a lot of fuss on a ginger biscuit”, she declared at one point), but I love hearing her voice so darn much, I just didn’t care. She could read the phone book with that accent of hers, and it would still be totally mesmerising!

Jamelia on “The Great Sport Relief Bake Off” (2014)Overall, my personal “Star Baker” would have to be Jamelia, who brought her usual chatty charm to the tent, and provided some quality chuckles, but also baked my fave “Showstopper” of the mini-series: a vividly-coloured tribute to the podium-dominating Jamaican Olympic sprint team, topped with adorable (and highly detailed) fondant figures. I’ve no idea how it tasted, but it looked awesome!

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Bonnie Wright, who had to endure an endless onslaught of Harry Potter references from everyone around her! I know playing ‘Ginny Weasley’ is her biggest claim to fame (so far!), but that seemed to be literally the only thing anyone ever talked to her about. Poor thing… I hope she’s not headed for a Miley-Cyrus-style freak-out!

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