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Suman Sridhar a la “Evening in Gay Maharashtra”Suman Sridhar, lead singer for the Indian indie duo Sridhar/Thayil, has recorded a cover of a 1960s pop song titled “Evening in Gay Maharashtra”, to protest the resurrection of regressive legislation (dating back to the 19th Century!) which has criminalised homosexuality in India. The song was written back in the old-timey days when “gay” meant happy and carefree, but Sridhar has tweaked the lyrics a little to reflect the modern definition, without losing any of the original’s toe-tapping catchiness!

The video for the song was filmed in a single, continuous take… but the intentional cheesiness and cheapness (no offence!) do nothing to diminish Sridhar’s vocal power, sly humour, and seductive charms… so thank goodness she’s lending her abundant talent to such a worthy cause (namely “Equal Rights & Dignity For All”)!

Note: A more insightful analysis of the song and video can be found at Blouin Artinfo.

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