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[Contains cunningly deployed pastries and SPOILERS!!!]

Sofia Helin as ‘Saga Norén’ in “The Bridge” (aka “Bron / Broen”) (S2)I was absolutely loving the second series of The Bridge (aka “Bron / Broen“), right up until the finale, where everything unravelled, and the nail-biting (but totally ludicrous) house of cards they’d been building over the previous nine episodes came tumbling down.

On the plus side, the adorable-but-exasperating ‘Saga Norén’ remained consistently hilarious, heart-breaking, and huggable throughout, so top marks to Sofia Helin for her impressive performance here. Aside from anything else, it’s comforting to have such a sympathetic (and heroic) “Aspy” character on TV to relate to… although I recognise how off-putting her blunt approach to “breaking the ice” can be, where innocent family members and friends are concerned. For example, “Did your dead daughter ever do porn?” is not a great way to start a dialogue with a still-grieving father… even though the outrage did prompt him to investigate further, and uncover some useful leads in the process of exonerating her.

Sofia Helin as ‘Saga Norén’ in “The Bridge” (aka “Bron / Broen”) (S2)This time around, the writers decided to taunt and mock me by having Saga hook up with a beardy comic book geek (just like me!), who inspires her to read lots of helpful books on how to be a “Good Girlfriend”, and then act on their advice. Unfortunately he was a selfish, needy dick who didn’t deserve her, and didn’t appreciate how lucky he was to be allowed into her life. I mean, if she’d been asking to have a totally private room in the apartment (her apartment!) where she could just do kitty jigsaws or drawn mean cartoons of him, then I could understand how he might feel hurt or rejected… but what she wanted was a quiet space where she could study evidence and solve crimes that would save tens/hundreds/thousands of lives!!! And he’d still get to have great sex with her, between breaks in the case! What’s so horrible and break-up-worthy about that? Gah! Idiot! What kind of comic book fan doesn’t understand the concept of a “Batcave” or “Fortress of Solitude”!? Clearly she needs to find a more compatible guy to live with… someone who also spends a lot of time in his own head, and appreciates how unique and wonderful she is, and recognises how important her work is. In other words: Call me, Saga! Manifest in this reality, and call me!


I also greatly enjoyed her domestic feud with Martin’s nanny, ‘Anna-Dea’ (Julie Wright), which began as an amusing running gag and slowly, subtly morphed into a disturbing crime-story, that revealed important clues about Saga’s own family trauma. The untimely death of ‘Pernille’ (Vickie Bak Laursen), a junior detective on the team, was also quite unexpected and moving… although I did think it was rather silly of them to go chasing after a known “Typhoid Mary” virus-carrier without so much as a face-mask to protect them! But still, if someone had to die, why couldn’t it have been Rasmus… the stupid, stupid, cocky little d-bag? Why couldn’t he redeem himself by finally doing something right, dammit! Oh, and a shout-out to Özlem Saglanmak, who played a helpful Desi office assistant named ‘Dharma’.

Vickie Bak Laursen as 'Pernille' in “The Bridge” (aka “Bron / Broen”) (S2)On the downside, I was very, very disappointed by the way they resolved Martin’s storyline. I thought it was very brave and interesting for them to keep Jens (the evil mastermind from the first series) around as a recurring character, confined to prison and agreeing to meet Martin for supervised visits, so the detective could work through his PST. I wasn’t necessarily expecting a super-happy ending to that thread, but to just have him give up and poison the guy off-screen in the last episode was total bullshit. It also torpedoes the whole premise of the show, and suggests that this series is the end of Saga’s story… unless they’re planning to carry on without Martin, in which case they’d need to find someone equally warm and sociable to balance her out, and alternately scowl, marvel and chuckle at her! Seeing the two of them join forces again in the first episode was a truly joyful experience, and watching them work through their issues and grow closer together was incredibly involving… until the writers pissed all that down the drain, for the sake of a cheap, desperate “shock” ending! FEH!!!

Sofia Helin as ‘Saga Norén’ in “The Bridge” (aka "Bron / Broen")And I’m still not sure I really understand who was ultimately responsible for which specific acts of terrorism, or how the separate (?) schemes of the brother and his wife overlapped… it just seemed like the writers were pulling plot-twists for the sake of it, and muddying the narrative water too much. And then to have a previously unseen, shadowy mastermind turn up at the end to shoot the wife was just a twist too far for me.

All that being said, I’ll still be adding the DVD of this series to my “wish list”, because the majority of the episodes were so enjoyable, and despite all the nonsense around her, Saga endured as an awesome, ass-kicking heroine.

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  1. Marcus Shelby says:

    I think you kind of missed the point of the “room” within the apartment. Saga wanted a place where there was no one but her. She shares nothing with the boyfriend except sex, (completely on her terms) with no tender after-moments and the apartment in which she seems to see the boyfriend as a kind of virus that needs to be contained.
    It can’t be called a romantic relationship as Saga doesn’t understand romance or any other interaction with anything besides that which directly comes from her working.
    I’d like to know why she drives a Porsche. It is a flamboyant choice and she is anything but flamboyant.
    Good commentary on your part. Maybe you get a little over analytical. It’s a TV series, not real life. At least not your real life so the actual writers don’t have your point of view when chosing the story line and how to portray it.

  2. Erin says:

    I was really crushed when August died…and then Pernille. The look on her face when Viktoria coughed on her…utterly devastating. Yes, why nit Rassmus…he was such a little prick, so full of himself and trying to make connections where there were none. Have to find S3 because they do go on without Martin. Damn!

    • deecrowseer says:

      I did watch S3, but it was a while ago, and apparently I didn’t like it enough to blog about it at the time. I remember quite liking the new partner they gave her, but hating some of the other storylines (which I won’t spoil here). I’m sure I’ll watch S4 when it eventually comes out (in 2018?), because I still really like Saga as a character… but I’m not as much of a fan of the series as I was, when I first started watching it.

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