The Rana Resurgence

Rana Roy as ‘Megan Cute Shoes’ in “The Michael J. Fox Show”While prepping a bunch of old doodles for my DeviantArt  gallery (plug!), I was inspired to revisit Rana Roy’s IMDb page, where I was pleasantly surprised to see a slew of recent credits! Granted, most of them are for shorts I’ll never have the chance to watch, but I’m glad she’s still active as an actress… even if she does seem to have relocated to the States for now.

One of her most recent, and (theoretically) high-profile appearances was a cameo in an episode of The Michael J. Fox Show (#1.15 “Sochi”), which aired on January 23rd. She played a bitchy teen beauty pageant contestant (nicknamed “Megan Cute Shoes”), who belittles the title character’s daughter (Juliette Goglia)… but sadly she only had that one brief dialogue scene before being demoted to a background extra/dancer. Still, it’s nice to see her shaking her thang again, and looking as gorgeous as ever (though I personally prefer her with curly hair)… but it would be even nicer if someone could give her a larger/deeper role to play, so we can see if she acts as well as she moves!

This episode also featured Jackie Hoffman as the ‘Pageant Coordinator’… but again she didn’t have much to do except snipe at the main cast from the (metaphorical) side-lines.

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