Cunk It Up!

Diane Morgan as ‘Philomena Cunk’ in “Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe”The latest series of Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe finished with a “best of” compilation episode last night… which also (rather confusingly) featured a few brand new bits and pieces, just to give the “fast-forward” and “play” buttons on my remote a good work-out. One of the most welcome changes to the established Wipe format for this series has been the promotion of resident “talking head” commenter ‘Philomena Cunk’ to wandering field reporter, with a series of fantastically un-informed enquiries titled “Moments of Wonder”, in which she talked hilarious nonsense and asked absurd, impossible questions, such as how to open a coin and get the “money” out of it… or “What is clocks“? Bless her!

Cunk is played by Mancunian actress/comedienne Diane Morgan, who has a long string of credits that I really must make the effort to check out that CB’sWW is off-air again… especially the sketches she’s done/doing with the equally hilarious Joe Wilkinson. I did try watching Pat & Cabbage, the ITV sitcom she was in last year, but it really wasn’t my cup of tea… even with the added bonus of Rosie Cavaliero playing her sister! Diane MorganShame they were just supporting characters really, rather than the leads.

As a southerner who’s never travelled past the Midlands, I still find northern accents quite exotic… and Morgan has such a lovely voice, and such great delivery, I’ve even enjoyed listening to the radio commercials posted on her agent’s website! So, I’m definitely hoping to hear (and see) more from her in the future…

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