[Insert Predictable “Kitty Pryde/Gay Pride” Pun Here]

Ellen Page @ HRCF's “Time to Thrive” Conference (14/2/14)While speaking at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s “Time to Thrive” Conference yesterday, Ellen Page took the opportunity to praise the assembled audience for their courage and dedication… to chastise the media for clinging to outmoded gender “norms”… to call for horrible people to stop being quite so horrible… and also to come out as Gay. Her speech was very sweet and funny and moving, and is well worth a watch if you have the time.

Skimming various news pieces about her, I was reminded that Page is only 26 years old! Such a remarkably talented and smart and brave and adorable young woman all around. Bless her.

Now someone hurry up and cast her in a rom-com opposite Sarah Silverman… they make such a cute couple, dammit!

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