The Azura Angle

Azura Skye as ‘Penny Engel’ in “Working the Engels”Last Wednesday saw the debut of Working the Engels, a new Canadian sitcom starring the always-excellent Andrea Martin as ‘Ceil Engel’, a recently widowed woman who learns that her late husband left $200,000 worth of debt behind him. A failed suicide attempt (involving a short fall from the roof of a bungalow) prompts their three disparate, dysfunctional children to rally around her, to save their father’s minor-league law firm.

Besides Martin, the main draw for me was Azura Skye, who plays eldest daughter ‘Penny’, a recovering addict who claims to have found Jesus, but doesn’t seem to have lost her trouble-making temper. I was so happy to see Skye back in a leading role again, and even happier to see her playing such a hot mess! By the end of the pilot, Penny’s volunteered to work as the firm’s secretary, while the actual lawyering is done by her straight arrow sister, ‘Jenna’, who gleefully resigns from an oppressive corporate gig to follow in her father’s footsteps. Jenna is played by Kacey Rohl, who seems very charming… though her character plays a little too much like a female Michael Bluth (from Arrested Development) at this point.

Kacey Rohl as ‘Jenna Engel’ and Andrea Martin as ‘Ceil Engel’ in “Working the Engels”Overall, I can’t say I found this first episode especially gut-busting, but now that we’re over the big expository hump of introducing everyone, and the premise has been established, there’s every chance that hilarity will ensue in the coming weeks… fingers crossed!

Note: Apparently this show is a co-production between Canada’s Global network, and America’s NBC, which presumably means it’s going to air in the States at some point…?

Update: According to SpoilerTV, Engels will make its Stateside debut on July 10th… which seems like kind of a long wait… especially now that I’m having trouble finding the Canadian eps to download, dammit!

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