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Karen Diconcetto as ‘Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi’ in "Jersey Shoresical”Doing my weekly Google News trawl, I was excited to read that ABC Family had ordered a pilot for a new drama series created by Karen DiConcetto and Bert V. Royal (who’s probably best known for writing teen comedy Easy A).

According to TVWise, their show, Recovery Road, is based on a novel by Blake Nelson, about a teenage addict named Maddie: “She has a reputation as a party girl who doesn’t think she has a problem, until she’s confronted one day by her school guidance counsellor and forced to choose between expulsion and rehab. Trying to save face, Maddie chooses to spend her nights living with other recovering addicts at a rehab facility, and her days pretending everything is perfectly normal among her high school classmates and her closest friends.” 

As far as I know, this is the first successful script that Royal and DiConcetto have collaborated on , but they did work together back in 2004, when she played a starring role in the (award-winning) premiere production of his satirical play Dog Sees God.

Anyhoo, congratulations to them, and here’s hoping their pilot goes to series!

[Photo totally unrelated… but there really aren’t any decent publicity pictures of her out there, dammit!]

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