Bad TV, Great T&A

Ari Graynor as ‘Meredith Davis’ in “Bad Teacher”The only good thing I can say about the Bad Teacher pilot is that it gives pervs like me ample opportunity to ogle uber-hottie Ari Graynor, as she flaunts herself in a succession of tight, low-cut outfits… and, sad to say, I’ll keep watching this show as long as she keeps wearing ‘em… but I doubt that my ears, brain, or heart will ever enjoy it as much as my eyes and dumb-stick do.

The premise of the movie was dumb enough… but, somehow, they’ve actually managed to make it even dumber for this show! Instead of a gold-digging teacher on the lookout for a new prospect after she’s unceremoniously dumped by her rich fiancé, the main character here is a newly divorced gold-digger (‘Meredith’) with no previous interest or training as an educator, who impulsively decides to get a job at a school after happening by one Friday afternoon, and seeing all the cute, eligible single dads rocking up to collect their kids. In the blink of an eye, she’s ordered some fake qualifications off the internet (!?), sweet-talked the soft-touch headmaster into employing her, and organised a men-only “Career Day” as a ruse to assess/seduce her students’ fathers!

Ari Graynor as ‘Meredith Davis’ in “Bad Teacher”It doesn’t make a lick of sense, of course… and you can almost smell the writers’ sweat, as they desperately hurry their heroine through half-a-movie’s worth of plot points in just under 22 minutes. Of course, pilot episodes can often be quite ungainly by their very nature, and teething troubles aren’t unusual… the problem here is that the status quo they struggle so hard to establish by the end of the episode is so frickin’ stupid, it isn’t even worth all that effort. Sticking closer to the character’s backstory in the movie would have actually solved a lot of the plausibility problems here, so I really can’t understand why they tried to reinvent the wheel, when they already had the rights to the original. Gah!

I’m not going to get into all of the other stuff that annoyed me… suffice to say, I didn’t laugh once, but still think Graynor is a fantastically funny, charismatic, and gorgeous woman in her own right. I just hope she’s gets another shot at a starring role after this show gets canned. As for the over-qualified supporting cast: Sara Gilbert plays a broad “nerd-girl” caricature who becomes Meredith’s fawning sidechick, while Kristin Davis plays her suspicious, high-strung nemesis. I haven’t felt this sad for Davis since… well, since she pooped her pants in Mexico. Hasn’t she earned a headlining gig of her own yet? If not, can’t she buy one with all that Sex and the City money? Sigh…

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