“Swish… Nothin’ But Butt!”

[Contains deformed carousel horses and SPOILERS!!!]

Louise Belcher, bad-ass-80s-punk variant, in “Bob’s Burgers” (#4.12)The fourth season of Bob’s Burgers ended on Sunday, with the conclusion to an epic two-part thriller, which saw Bob tied to a strut beneath the pier by his landlord’s crazy brother, and left for dead*… thankfully his family came to the rescue before he drowned, tipped-off by a hasty flip-phone photo and aided by Tina’s “photographic butt memory”. Hurrah!

Although I’ll always love Louise for her Kristen Schaal-voiced craziness, over the past couple of seasons Tina has slowly become the show’s MVP, as well as its heart and soul. Aside from getting many of the best lines and representing the geeky teenage girl in all of us, she’s also the most sympathetic and richly-developed character, with a wide array of interests and obsessions that can be mined for stories and solid laughs… most notably in this season’s stand-out anthology episode “The Frond Files” (#4.12). The framing device involved Bob and Linda being called into the guidance counsellor’s office to discuss the three contentious “essays” that their children had submitted about the school, which each took the form of a different genre pastiche…

Tina Belcher, hall-monitor-sheriff variant, in “Bob’s Burgers” (#4.12)Louise’s Terminator-esque tale found her being pursued by a killer Frond-bot, sent back in time to get prevenge for a brownie-based prank she was going to play on its human creator… while Gene wrote a toe-tapping 80s musical, in which he used sampled fart-sounds to destroy the school and set the kids free… and Tina’s torrid chapter took the form of a black-and-white horror flick, in which an experimental “Jock Itch” vaccine inadvertently turns the boys’ basketball team into flesh-hungry zombies! Oh noes! Just when all hope appeared to be lost, she was able to hypnotise them with her sassy hair flips and hip wiggles, and soon had them trailing around after her, and fighting for her attention. It was so sweet and disturbing and hilarious… I could happily watch an entire series of Tina’s “Erotic Friend Fiction” fantasies!

Until that comes to pass, this will remain my fave Bob’s Burgers episode so far… and quite possibly my fave episode of anything EVER! Another reason to love it: In Gene’s “Fart School” sequence, we actually get to see Louise’s fringe! Hard to believe that after four years, this is the closest we’ve gotten to glimpsing what’s actually going on under that ever-present head-wear of hers! She’s truly a twitchy-eyed enigma wrapped in bunny ears…


* One of his regrets is that he’ll “never get to see who wins Game of Thrones”. Hah!

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3 Responses to “Swish… Nothin’ But Butt!”

  1. Smash says:

    Oh, this is just such a charming show and I agree with you that Tina really is the star. One of the episodes I just watched was the one where she gets swindled out of her rare collectible (I forget what it was called, something akin to a My Little Pony) and Bob has to go undercover as a fan of the show to get it back for her.

    • deecrowseer says:

      The Equestranauts! Yeah, that’s Another one chock full of funny lines (and dubious fiction) from Tina. Fun fact: That episode was written by Dan Mintz, who also provides her voice… so snaps to him! :)

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