“We’ll Always Have Poona…”

Nina Wadia, Kulvinder Ghir, and Meera Syal in the “Goodness Gracious Me” Reunion SpecialBBC2’s anniversary brought us another comedic treat this week, in the form of a Goodness Gracious Me reunion special! Yay! Although I’ve rewatched my boxset of the original series several times since then, there hasn’t been a new episode on the air for THIRTEEN years! Needless to say, the cast appeared a little older and rounder than they were back in the day, but the sketches were just as funny as ever, perfectly balancing satire and silliness… and Meera Syal and Nina Wadia still looked mighty foxy in their costumes for the final musical number (a parody of Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video). Syal has stated in interviews that she’d be interested in making a new series, if there’s enough demand from the viewers… and I’d certainly love to see that happen, if they could maintain the quality of this special… though I wonder if it might be time to bring in younger cast members to play the children and teenaged characters, while the elder members continue to play the parents, aunties/uncles, and gurus?

Speaking of which, there was a brief (but very welcome) cameo by Amara Karan, as one of the many women who’ve been offended by the “Check, Please!” man over the years. Not sure if the self-deprecating reference to disliking her nose came from Karan herself, or was just part of the script, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about her, personally! No, sign of Sanjeev Bhaskar’s frequent co-star Ayesha Dharker here, but she will be appearing alongside Syal (and GGM’s long-serving Token Whitey, Dave Lamb) in an original comedy short titled Playback, appearing exclusively on the BBC’s iPlayer from June 1st. So, hurrah for that!

[Fun fact: The Indian city referenced in the title of this post changed its name to Pune in the 1960s… but the sketch I’m quoting from was a parody of Casablanca, so I’m guessing it was set in the 40s?]

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