No News Is Good Nudes

Katherine Curtis reporting for “Naked News”Since half of the shows I had been watching went on hiatus (or got cancelled) over the last few weeks, I’ve been left scouring the download sites for something to point my eyes and ears at while I eat my lunch… which is how I ended up watching Naked News, a half-hour Canadian newscast presented by women who are either nude to begin with, or remove their clothes mid-report. It doesn’t actually air on TV, but new episodes are posted six days a week on a subscription website, which has been going strong for nearly fifteen years now… so clearly *someone* out there is paying to watch it, but I honestly can’t see what the appeal is myself. I mean, I understand the appeal of ogling nude women, but this is THE INTERNET we’re talking about… and there are plenty sites out there where you can see naked ladies doing far more erotic things than chatting about Detroit property auctions! The actual reports were written in a light and entertaining style, but the stripping was so distracting that the words tended to fade into the background, without my brain retaining any information of use, so the whole premise seems pretty counter-productive to me.

Katherine Curtis reporting for “Naked News”That said, most of the presenters were pretty charismatic, and I do have to applaud their professionalism. If we’ve learned anything from watching televised award shows over the years, it’s that reading words from an autocue/teleprompter in a natural and lively manner is far more difficult than you might imagine… so it must be even harder to do while taking your bra off, and not breaking eye-contact or missing a beat! I was properly impressed. I’d also enjoy seeing more reports from Katherine Curtis (aka “The Naked Nerd”), because she seems like a cool kinda gal off-camera, and brought a lot of spark to her segments… I just wish she’d keep her damn clothes on, so I could concentrate on what she’s saying!

[Fun biographical fact: For as long as I can remember, my parents have been buying a UK newspaper called The Sun, which is famous for printing a large photograph of a topless woman on page three, every day. So, the concept of combining naked women with news stories has always been acceptable and unexceptional in our house! Sadly it seems the Feminist jury is still out on whether this sort of thing is “harmless”, “empowering”, or “degrading” though…]

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